Reverie by the Godavari – IV – Rajahmundry’s USP – Binge worthy Bajjis !

Rajahmundry and Bajjis are synonymous. It is not an exaggeration to say that the reason for most our trips to Rajahmundry, despite being the hometown of one of our guys, is primarily to binge on the road side bajjis ! This is the 3rd time we are writing about them here and will definitely not be the last.

What makes these bajjis special?

One will find bajjis in any busy corner of most Indian cities but the ones in Rajahmundry are unique for sheer creativity and variety. To begin with, they are not your usual “green peppers/onion/potato dipped in besan and fried in oil served with chutney bajjis”. The Rajahmundry bajjis come with additional mixture made out of the vegetables variety, puffed rice, lemon juice, spices and stuffed into the bajji. You don’t eat them neatly, you just gobble up the whole thing in one go !

Next, these bajjis come in different varieties – the tomatoes, the brinjals, capsicum, raw banana – all stuffed with the magic mixture. If you look for recipes on the net, they might sound easy but these bajji makers alone have the expertise to arrive at the right taste.

How’s favourite Bajji hangouts 

Though Rajahmundry is officially the Bajji capital of the world, there are two places that rank on top for us.

This old man has been selling Bajjis on the Godavari Bund road near the ancient Markandeshwara Swamy temple for more than a decade.


Our Rajahmundry buddy tells us he and his friends would finish off half the cart during their college days. Following a round of Mirchi, Tomato and potato bajjis, we usually empty a bottle of Goli Soda from a shop just behind this cart !

Venkateswara Mixture stall

Located in the inner bye-lanes of Kanchumarthi Vari Veedhi (street), Venkateswara Mixture stall is an experience in itself.


The Bajjis here are the best we have ever had. This stall was introduced to us by a friend 3 years ago and every time we visit this place we are left amazed by the taste and the innovative ideas of Satish, the owner of the stall.

The stall serves the most unique bajjis, apart from the regulars, Satish, a young man probably in his 30s, constantly innovates and experiments with new ideas and comes up with unthinkable varieties of Bajjis. In the last 3 years, we have heard him talk about tomato bajjis, brinjal bajjis, capsicum, betel leaf, spinach, carom leaves (vaamu aaku) bajjis and he stumped us this time when he told us is latest experiments included Apple Bajjis !! We had never heard of so many varieties. Before serving you the Bajjis along with the mixture, he signs off in style – garnishing them with Ghee that make the bajjis simple melt in your mouth.

Satish opens his stall every day by 4 PM and he tells us all the popular varieties are gone within 2 hours ! To ensure that customers don’t miss out the specials, he sends out messages to his customer’s mobile phones about the day’s specials or if you want any specific variety, you could call him and place your order or ask him to keep some aside for you !

The stall is run professionally, right from the way he attends to his customers, chatting up with them, spicing up the conversations with genuine Rajahmundry humour. He even has a visiting card which says he takes party orders too.


He even has a Facebook page where he gives daily updates on the menu and if the stall was open that day, how cool is that ! Check out his Facebook page here

Many a time we asked him to move to Hyderabad, a bigger city with greater reach. This time he told us one of his friends was willing to invest so that he could start his Bajji business in Hyderabad but he declined it because he knows where his strengths lie ! Boy, were we impressed, some lesson in entrepreneurship that was ! It is amazing that small, road side vendors have such an intelligent approach to business, they seem to know what exactly they are doing, what will get them more business and ensure customer satisfaction.

We stuffed ourselves as usual with almost all the Bajjis and topped it off with mixture. Try his new innovation, the Onion Mixture, it is awesome. Each Bajji is priced between Rs.15 and Rs.20. While at Rajahmundry, Bajjis are always our dinner !

Later, we walked to the Rose Milk stall, which has now become legendary in Rajahmundry and sealed our day with the high calorie Kova Rose Milk.

Our day was made !

PS: If you don’t find good pictures of the Bajjis, that is because we are too busy gorging on them to bother about pictures !

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