Chilling in Chirala – II – Sea Breeze Beach Resorts – Fun by the beach !

Chilling by the beach is lot of fun and a great resort to go with it? Super fun ! That’s what Chirala and Sea Breeze Beach Resort offers you. If you live within 300 kms from Chirala and looking for a decent weekend getaway, this would be a great idea.

Sea Breeze Beach Resorts

Run by a retired doctor couple, Sea Breeze resort is a pleasant place to spend a weekend with family and friends. The resort is very well maintained,


the Sea-view rooms overlook the beach and have some amazing views,


there is a nice little play area for the kids, our nephew had a blast here. They even have swings suspended from palmyra trees !


The best part of the resort, however, is the swimming pool. The pool is on the edge of the resort and seems to be merging with the sea !


They even have banquet halls and an amphitheatre. Good food, peaceful setting by the sea, weak mobile signals and all you need for a relaxing time away from routine.

Beach fun !

The Ramapuram Beach at Chirala is one of those untouched, very little known beaches in India. Tourism is slowly catching up only now, so the beach is still quiet and clean.

We hit the beach around 4.30 PM after a cup of coffee. Do we even have to tell you how much fun beaches are?


All you need is to get your feet wet and before you know it, you have become great friends with the sea and you just wouldn’t want to leave !


We spent more than an hour splashing around before we realised the sea was getting rough.


We turned back to find storm clouds hovering over the resort !


Soon, the clouds took over the sky and it threatened to rain any moment and headed back to the resort, drenched and sandy !


Some of us hadn’t had enough of playing in the water and dived in the swimming pool. It was awesome to swim in the pool with the storm chasing us !


The swimming pool is open from 7 AM to 11 AM and 4 PM to 7 PM. You need to have a swimming costume or you can borrow one from the resort.

Midsummer night storm 

We headed to our rooms for a quick shower, wonder why a trip to the beach is tiring and you need a shower to relax? Is it the water, the humidity or all the fun and frolic? Stepping out from the shower after a stint at the beach is one of the most refreshing feelings !

The next two hours were mind blowing as we sat in the gazebo and watched the thunder storm over the sea. Heavy rain accompanied by gusty winds, lightning and thunder. It was peak summer and we were lucky to have been near the sea during a thunder storm. The lightning was so bright that it blinded our camera, most pictures came out white because the light was too strong ! Some were so powerful that you could see the sea and the resort like it was broad daylight !

We managed to get some pictures of the lightning over the sea again by sheer luck !


Doesn’t it look like there was an explosion in the sky?

This picture was taken at 8.15 PM ! We had no idea that the camera had captured the streaks of lightning.


It was nature in her terrifying beauty. One of those experiences for a lifetime !

We ordered dinner in our rooms. You have to place your orders atleast an hour in advance because they cook to order. The food, of course is delicious, nice and spicy.

The storm was still raging outside when we retired for the day.

Morning calm

We had to check out at 8 AM the next morning because the resorts stay timings are 8 AM to 8 AM the next day. If you don’t check out at 8 AM, they count another day, this is the only downside of the resort. We decided to make the best use of the available time and woke up early to go down to the beach around sunrise time.

Sunrise over the sea – fresh morning air, sunrise lighting up the sea and the sound of waves – there are very few things in this world that can match it !


In the distance, we could see fishermen sailing into the sea for their early morning catch.


On the shore, a crab fisherman was busy trying to catch crabs. The entire shore was dotted crab holes and there were Red Crabs everywhere. They didn’t seem to like getting photographed because if we even tried to get 3 feet near them, they would scamper back into their holes ! We could only manage to take this long shot of the shore.


The crab fisherman, on the other hand, would jump onto their holes and dig out the crabs, while it was fascinating to watch him, it was also sad to watch the crabs trying to save themselves just as their day began ! For all creatures on the planet, the fight for survival begins at day break !

By 7 AM, it was time to pack up, but before that we spent some more relaxing time by the pool. We checked out at 8 AM sharp and headed for breakfast. Sea Breeze doesn’t offer complimentary breakfast unlike most resorts but that is not much of an issue. The breakfast of Idly, Dosa, Bread Omelette and coffee, whether complimentary or not, is as good as it can get !

We had to wait for 3 more hours before we left the place because the brother had to attend a conference call and drove upto the highway to take the call, thanks to poor signals in and around the resort ! The management was nice in letting us hang around the place even though we had checked out.

Finally, we left Sea Breeze resort at 11 AM very content, happy and rejuvenated ! What more do you need to live long?

Mangoes of Ulavapadu 

From Chirala, our destination was hometown, Nellore, a 3 hour drive on NH5. We stopped for lunch at Bharat Petroleum’s Ghar Dhaba near Ongole. BP runs these eating joints on highways and are decent places to stop by for lunch or dinner, the Andhra meal we had here was excellent. We topped it with ice-cream from Tirumala Dairy parlour adjacent to Ghar Dhaba.

Enroute Ongole and Nellore is Ulavapadu, known for its mango orchards. During the mango season, you will find mango stalls for over 2 kms on the highway !


The mangoes here are some of the best varieties and are of very good quality.


With mango maniacs in the car, we had to stop here and fill our car boot with mangoes ! We bought as many as 15 kgs of mangoes !

Happy with our loot, we drove back home ! 2 days later, we again stopped at Ulavapadu, on our way back to Hyderabad for another 15 kgs of mangoes ! Our summer was made !

Info tidbits

– If you are planning to take a train to Chirala, do note that most trains reach Chirala around midnight and you will have to make arrangements to wait till 8 AM to check-in to Sea Breeze resorts.

– There is another new resort called Palm Coast Beach resort in Chirala but Sea Breeze seems to be the popular one.

– You will have to make advance booking at Sea Breeze, you can get all the contact information on their website.

– While at Chirala, you could plan a short trip to Bhava Narayana Swamy temple near Ponnur and also check out the famous Chirala Sarees.

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3 thoughts on “Chilling in Chirala – II – Sea Breeze Beach Resorts – Fun by the beach !

  1. rajender singh thakur

    jhon from kothagudem who works here and manager ramesh where very is very good to vist here at weekends..

  2. Amit Sharma

    Resort staff is completely uneducated and behaves so rudely. You don’t feel like talking to them. The rooms are not maintained and you will be surpised to know that some rooms toilets have no locks.

    • HOW

      Was this a recent trip? We were there last year and had an awesome time. The bolts were a little rusty because of the sea breeze, we suppose. We did not have any trouble with the staff or the management. Hope the management improves on the concerns raised by you 🙂

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