High on Hyderabad ! Ratnalayam & Shamirpet Lake – Picnic hotspots

Hyderabad is our city of joy, where home is. This charming 400 year old city is a tourist’s delight. Charminar, Golconda is what you learnt in your school history, that is just the beginning. There is history, culture, great food, nature, bio-diversity and the swanky coolness of a modern city. A drive through most parts of the city will throw up surprises – heritage buildings, bio-diverstiy parks, lakes, bird watching, rock formations, adventure and so we are always high on Hyderabad !

On most weekends, we are out driving through the city, out of city and around the city ! On one such Sunday, we decided we had to study the real estate in the city and set off to Medchal. For a change, we drove through the city instead of our usual favourite ORR.


As our study didn’t yield much results our next plan was to just drive somewhere and so we zeroed in on our regular hangout places – Ratnalayam and Shamirpet Lake.

Ratnalayam is a temple dedicated to Lord Venkateswara, located around 30 kms from the city, around 2 kms from the Shamirpet Lake. Built by an industrialist, the temple is very close to some factories and is a recent construction.

The idol of Lord Venkateswara is striking, you must visit it if you wish to see an idol of Lord Venkateswara as imposing as the one in Srinivasamangapuram near Tirupati. The temple is very well maintained and peaceful. It is also a picnic spot as weekends see huge crowds enjoying themselves in the gardens and lawns. Overall, a great place for some peace of mind and some fun.

Shamirpet Lake

In recent times, Shamirpet has become a hotspot in the city with several resorts coming up in the vicinity. The lake itself has become a popular place to spend evenings, bird watching and for the more adventurous, it is a perfect place for rock climbing.

The highway passes along the banks of the lake and there is a very famous temple dedicated to Katta Maisamma, a local Goddess, just beside the road. People throng the temple on weekends and offer animal sacrifice and cook offerings nearby.

There is a path that leads to the lake, you can take your vehicles to the lake bed. Even during heavy monsoons, it has been ages since the lake filled up.

This artificial lake belonging to the Nizam periods was once a source of water, today, a majority of the lake area has dried up and some has been lost to development.


Nevertheless, it is still a very pleasant place to hangout with friends. It was a lovely, cloudy day as we walked up the rocks.


The recent rains had turned the place green and brought in a lot of people who were out enjoying the weather.


As we walked along, we spotted this ancient looking statue of Nandi.


Nobody knows how it landed there !

We walked down to the lake and savoured the cool breeze.


The water frothed as it touched the banks, clear indication of the pollution from nearby industries ! Even the rocks leading to the lake are littered with paper plates, leftover food, beer bottles. How about some responsible picnicking?

We spent about half a hour chatting and gossiping while a group of people nearby played dumb charades and seemed to be having fun. After a photo session of the lake under a heavy cloud cover, we left the place as it was past lunch time.


We are sure we will find ourselves here in less than a quarter, as it usually happens whenever we feel like going on a long drive !

Dhaba hub

Shamirpet area is a dhaba hub. You have the usual “family dhabas”, small eating joints, stalls all the way to the 5 star resorts and hotels. We stopped at one of the dhabas for lunch. The food in most of these dhabas is great. Beware of excessive oil !

Not wanting our Sunday to end, we decided to carry out our real estate study in the A.S.Rao Nagar area and check out Moula Ali Dargah as well, stay tuned.

Info tidbits

– Nalsar University is very close to Shamirpet and a great place for a drive especially when the weather is nice and cloudy.

– Jawahar Deer Park is nearby Shamirpet Lake and Nalsar University.

– Wargal Saraswathi Temple is around 20 kms from Shamirpet.

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3 thoughts on “High on Hyderabad ! Ratnalayam & Shamirpet Lake – Picnic hotspots

  1. hydtweetr

    Thankyou for your detailed and wonderful description.i am going to visit Ratnalayam today.

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