Road trip to the land of temples – IX – Kodaikanal to Chennai – Celebrating India !

Independence Day at Kodaikanal

When you are having a good time, you don’t realize how fast time flies, so was the case with us, before we knew, we were on the last day of our TN trip. It was a beautiful day though, a day of celebration, India’s Independence Day. The day dawned bright and happy as we looked out of our window, a view we had grown fond of in those 2 days.


Outside, preparations were on for Independence Day flag hoisting. We were pleasantly surprised that the resort management was going to hoist the flag.


Watching those preparations took us back to childhood days in school when Independence Day meant pinning a flag to our shirts and walking around feeling proud, that’s exactly how we felt standing there in Kodaikanal.

At 7.30 AM, the entire staff and management of the resort assembled and the flag was hoisted. All of us joined in singing the National Anthem.


The goosebumps we had were not because of the cold wind, we could feel our eyes go moist. As we grow older, feelings like patriotism seem to take a backseat but instances like these bring back those emotions that we valued and took pride in as children ! We remember walking back to our rooms with our head held high, yes, we love our India !

What a location to celebrate freedom !


High on the national spirit, we were ready in an hour, had our complimentary breakfast and checked out from the resort. If we plan to visit Kodaikanal again, there are not going to be any second thoughts on where we would stay ! We had such a wonderful time at Sterling resorts.

Chasing the clouds again !

It was only 9 AM and had some decent time on hand before we began our journey back to Chennai. We decided to give in to that niggling feeling of wanting to give the Pillar Rocks another try  ! It was a bright, sunny day near the resort and our estimation was that we could just be lucky this time.

Lucky, we were. To have caught a glimpse of the Pillar Rocks, barely visible from behind the clouds ! We couldn’t get to see the rocks fully but the view of the massive rocks behind those misty clouds, was something else !


There is something magical to scenes like these, you may not get the same feel when you view them normally. No, it’s not a case of sour grapes, it was truly breathtaking, it felt out of this world, you could be watching a sic-fi movie on a giant screen minus the graphics ! Well, nature’s graphics are unmatched !


We were glad we came back to visit the Pillar Rocks. That marked the end of our trip and we headed back to the highway to Chennai. Kodaikanal left us spellbound and we are sure, the spell wouldn’t break in our life time !

Kodaikanal – Chennai 

The first 45 minutes of our 520 kms journey to Chenani was almost a nightmare for this writer with the ghat winding and unwinding, nausea and headaches galore ! Being a holiday weekend, the traffic towards Kodaikanal was insane. It was a huge relief when we reached the end of the ghat road and then onto the NH 45 through Dindigul and Trichy. You can’t keep track of the distance you cover when you drive on this highway, villages and towns simply zoom by.

As we reached Trichy, close to lunch time, we could see the Rock Fort in the distance, we crossed a branch of the Kaveri and were delighted to see the river in full flow.


We also passed by Srirangam and caught a glimpse of the Thiruvanaikaval temple Gopuram. It felt like meeting an old friend out of the blue !


As we neared Trichy, the main Kaveri river bed was surprisingly dry.


Hardly a few kilometers behind, the branch of the river was full, funny how these water storage systems work !

We stopped for lunch at Trichy and devoured a full Tamil Nadu Thali !

Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

By tea time, we mean coffee time (when in Tamil Nadu, it is always coffee !) we crossed Tindivanam and entered the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee zone ! With coffee shops stretching for kilometers on either side of the road, our trip would not have been complete without sipping the famous Degree Coffee.

The speciality of this coffee is the purity of the milk. The coffee is so popular on this highway that The Hindu ran an article on the Kumbakonam Degree Coffee, a must try for coffee lovers. What we loved the best was how the coffee was served – frothing milk and decoction in a brass tumbler with a “dabara” – just the way coffee should be served ! A perfect finish to our trip !

How much we enjoyed ourselves during this trip was evident when little nephew refused to get out of the car as we reached home, he wanted to travel some more !

The crazy journey from Hyderabad to Chennai and from Chennai to the magnificent temples and towns seeped in history, art and culture and to the hills abounding in natural beauty – this trip, was about celebrating India !

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  1. Felt the cool Nilagiri clouds pass over me while reading this post

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