High on Hyderabad ! Madventure Quad biking – Fun off the road !

If you are in Hyderabad and wondering what to do on a boring weekend afternoon, head to Madventure for some mad, dirt filled fun with quad biking, ATVs and off roading experience. With no specific travel plans for the long weekend of Sankranthi, we wanted to do something that we considered “worthwhile” and headed to Madventure, we’d been meaning to visit this place for a while anyway.

Enjoyable drive on road

The drive to Moinabad where Madventure is located is enjoyable as always, the Chevella road is good and very scenic, passing through Gandipet, Mrugvani National Park and the Chilkur road.

It takes about 45 minutes from Hyderabad if you take the Outer Ring Road. Just after you cross Moinabad, you can see the signboards to Madventure. From Moinabad, it is about 7 kms, the last 2 kilometers is through a village road, the condition of the dusty road is the a prelude to what you are likely to do at Madventure !


Here and there fields of roses and chyrsanthemum making it a pretty sight.


Let’s go vroom vroom !

Madventure is actually a mango orchard that has been converted into an adventure sports arena, the surroundings are quiet and pleasant. The sight of the ATVs was enough to build the excitement !


Before you begin your ride, you will first have to fill up a form and sign a disclaimer. The charges depend on the number of laps and whether you are taking a single seater quad bike or a double seater ATV, usually the charges vary between Rs.250 to Rs.400 for a set of laps.

The track has been laid in between mango trees, it looks inviting. The staff give you instructions on how to handle the vehicle and then you are good to start your dirt biking !


Riding the single seater bikes are supposed to be the real fun, maneuvering the vehicle requires some skill as the track gets slightly tough at places but accelerating on a dirt track and leaving behind a trail of dust is what the thrill is all about !



For those who cannot drive or handle the bikes, you can take the double seater and tag along with another driver. This one is like a little buggy car, a drive on this track takes you further into the orchard with mango trees on either side.


The track is not very difficult here and you will enjoy the drive, it feels like you are on a mini jungle safari !


Each lap takes a few minutes and at the end of your set of laps, you would want to go on one more lap, you kind of become a kid who doesn’t want to get off from the play ground !

We felt, the whole experience would have been awesome if we came just after the rains when the track would be slushy and really dirty, riding in such conditions is the real catch of dirt biking.

Overall, we had a great time and it was close to lunch time when we left Madventure. Lunch was at one of the dhabas on the Chilkur road, the food is always delicious in these dhabas.

We now wait for the rains to go off roading once again !

Info tidbits

– Madventure is open from 10 AM to around 8 PM. There is no public transport to reach Madventure, you can find buses upto Moinabad.

– There is a small snack joint, in case you want to grab something to munch but you cannot count on it if you are really hungry.

– Most people come here on weekends and if it is too crowded, you may have to wait for your turn, which is also pleasant as you can sit under the trees and enjoy the breeze. While you wait for your turn, you could also play Cricket.

– Kids are not allowed on the bikes, you will have to take the double seater if you plan to take your kids along.

– There is a Facebook page where you can find phone numbers and other details, before you make a plan to go, it is always advisable to check if they are open.

Update: The last time we checked in 2016, this place had closed down, do check if they have relocated elsewhere or are permanently closed.





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