Drives along the Godavari – IV – Antarvedi – Journeys end, travels don’t !

One look at the AP Tourism resort at Dindi and we wished we had come there early, the place looked so pretty and pleasant, we wanted to spend more time hanging out at the resort but it was already 3 PM and we had to check out early the next morning !

River, river, everywhere !

The Dindi Resort is located on the banks of the Godavari, so wherever you turn, you can see the river quietly flowing, from your room,


from the balcony of your room,


from the pool, play area and restaurant,


at Dindi, it is all about this ever flowing, life giving river !


If you are a Telugu film buff, “Godavari” must be on your favourite films list, look at the corner of the this picture, you will find the house boat used in the film, now in tatters ! It has been replaced with this cool looking houseboat on the lines of those in Kerala.


The houseboats anchor at the resort once evening sets in. For people on this part part of the city, if you think Kerala is too far, try the houseboats at Dindi. We found only two houseboats though and they are run by AP Tourism and there are no private players.

Next to the Dindi resorts, there is also Sterling Holiday’s Dindi-By the Godavari, this is a luxury resort, so the pricing could be on the higher side. If you’ve seen the Telugu film “Village lo Vinayakudu”, you would know how Dindi-By the Godavari looks !

Lounging in the huge room at the resort, a room big enough for the whole family of 6 adults and 2 kids to hang out together, we made a plan to drive to Antarvedi, the culmination point of Godavari’s journey. Before that, we thought the kids would enjoy a quick splash in the pool, which ended in the adults jumping in, unable to resist the fun ! If it was not for the fact that the drive to Antarvedi would take us more than half an hour, we wouldn’t have stepped out of the pool !

Antarvedi – Godavari takes a bow 

Antarvedi is 20 kms from Dindi and the drive takes about 40 minutes. A point to be mentioned about this trip, the roads in Andhra Pradesh are great, even district roads connecting to villages are in good shape and the Konaseema’s gorgeousness is the icing on the cake.

Our extra time in the pool meant it was close to sunset when we arrived at Antarvedi. In addition to being the place where Godavari meets the sea, Antarvedi is famous for the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. We gave the temple a miss and headed to the Beach, the road is a little deserted but you have sign boards directing you towards the beach.

Antarvedi is one of the less visited beaches, so you many not find too many people especially towards the evening, we were the only people at the beach.


Somehow, our fellow citizens manage to litter and spoil even remote beaches like Antarvedi but nothing can take away the absolute joy that a roaring sea crashing onto the shore brings !

As we observed the waves, we found the waves splashing up dirty brown water, usually a bit of sandy water is normal but this was almost like slush, it was more obvious where the waves hit on some cement slabs that were laid out on the beach.


For a minute we thought it must have been some industrial waste or oil from the nearby KG Basin refineries being drained into the sea, then it dawned upon us that it could be the flood water of the Godavari that was mixing with the sea ! Now imagine the sheer volume of this river if it can turn the sea waves into muddy water !

We did not venture near the water but simply stood gazing at the sea and giving our camera some work to do.


Some people tried to give the Figo a scare by driving on the soft sand, scary memories of the stuck wheel in Hamsaladeevi in February this year, came rushing back !


We think, this car is not as helpless as we make it out to be, it sure does enjoy these adventures !

Dangerous looking dark clouds hovered in the sky as dusk was setting in and it looked like it was time to get going.


But, we still hadn’t seen what we had come to see, the meeting point of the Godavari and Bay of Bengal. We had almost given up the idea because light was fading and we had read on the internet that to reach the actual meeting point, one had to take a boat ride, when we decided to drive a little further on the beach road found a board directing to the “sangamam”.

Driving a few meters ahead, we spotted a light house, parked our car and walked towards the shore, which was actually the flood plain.


One notable point was the absence of mangroves, which are common where a river meets the sea. Wonder why the mangroves are not part of the geography at Antarvedi.

A short walk along the flood plains and then the river appeared, Vashista Godavari, one the distributaries of Godavari that joins the sea at Antarvedi. Technically, beyond Dowleswaram, there is no single branch that you can call the Godavari, Rajamundry is the last place where you can see Akhanda Godavari. The river is serene in its last act before merging with the Bay of Bengal, it gave us a feeling of a long distance train chugging into the destination station !


You can clearly see the river flowing into the sea, the river flowing between the two banks, then the banks merge into the sea shore and the river into the open sea, everything works like a predefined process !


The exact spot where the two water bodies meet is a little further away, one needs to take a boat ride to reach the place. Since there was no such facility, you will have to make do with our amateur photography.


Can you spot the waves at the horizon in this picture? That is probably the actual confluence point, notice how there are no waves till that point. Incredible is the way of nature !

This year, we visited the confluence points of the two major rivers of India, the Krishna and the Godavari, it is an overwhelming feeling to see the rivers that you read so much about, that you celebrate culturally and religiously, the rivers that are an integral part of our daily life, end their journey. They must have far more blog material than any of us !

We say a river ends it journey by meeting the sea but then haven’t the rivers has been flowing forever, so can we say the rivers only end their journeys but their travels from the hills to the plains continue?

Just like these rivers, our journey to the Konaseema land ended with our visit to Antarvedi, we drove back to Dindi resort, had an early dinner and turned in for the night. Early next morning, we began our drive back to Rajamundry and then on to Hyderabad, while our family headed to Nellore. We wind up this series with a picture of Konaseema clicked on our morning drive back to Rajamundry.


Our travels will continue !

Info tidbits

  • Dindi resorts is about 70 kms from Rajamundry. It is run by AP Tourism, booking can be done online through their portal or by phone. The tariff is in the Rs.2,500/- range.  Houseboat booking can also be done through their portal.
  • Antarvedi is 20 kms from Dindi, the roads are good all the way to Antarvedi. We skipped visiting the Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple because it was a little late in the evening and we wanted to visit the beach first. This is a popular temple and must visit at Antarvedi.
  • If you don’t have your own/hired vehicle, you may find buses from Razole, 27 kms away. These buses may not be very regular, though.
  • Dindi is the best place to stay while visiting Antarvedi, there are no good food options at Antarvedi. Even at Dindi, the resort is the only decent food option.
  • Try not to hang out at Antarvedi after dark, the place is a little secluded and unless you have your own vehicle, getting back to Dindi or any nearby town might be difficult.
  • The meeting point of the river and sea is a little away from the beach, you will find a sign board towards it. If you want to go the exact spot, you will need a boat, we didn’t find any boats, so we do not know if you can actually go up there. We also don’t know if it is safe to venture into the sea, so we would suggest standing on the shore and taking in the beautiful sights.
  • One can plan a trip to Antarvedi over a weekend including stay at Dindi, if it is a long weekend, you can add Rajamundry/Kakinada to the list.




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