Road trip to Chola Nadu – XI – Inn Pondiville Forest retreat

The last day of our Tamil Nadu trip was all about driving back home to Nellore from Pondicherry, so spent the entire morning putting our feet up at Inn Pondiville Forest retreat, a beauty of a resort where we had set up our camp here for our Pondicherry trip. Located a little outside Pondicherry city, closer to Auroville, Inn Pondiville is an ideal, quiet, getaway when you want to shut yourself away from the world.


There is greenery all around, the rooms and buildings are well maintained and tastefully done. The best part is the balcony attached to every room, we had a great time sitting here and taking in the freshness of the morning.


The resort is run by a couple Pravina and Sudeep, who along with the people from the nearby villages designed the resort by themselves. The helpers at the resort are all people from the villages, everybody at Inn Pondiville including the owners are very friendly, warm and the environment will make you feel at peace !

Since all the workers are villagers and report to work after 8 AM, life begins late at Inn Pondiville, if you are the kind that wakes up early, you will still love the silence and stillness around. Take a swim in the pool


or take a stroll and admire these pretty flowers.


When you morning coffee arrives, enjoy your hot cuppa under the greenery.


The best thing to do on a morning at Inn Pondiville is nothing ! We don’t realise this in our mad rush but having nothing to do and may be even feeling bored, once in a while is very important.

Slow down your pace and relish the feeling of laziness and boredom until your breakfast is ready. There is a separate dining area where breakfast is served every morning, the sunlight streaming in through the windows seems to add up to the taste. The breakfast is a delicious spread with the idlies, dosas, upma, bread, omelettes and corn flakes ! Lunch and dinner are made on order, so you will have to let them know in advance if you wish to stay for lunch/dinner.

If you are dog lover, the resort has a few very friendly dogs that walk in from around the neighbourhood. For those like this writer, who are afraid of even the harmless dogs, it is a little scary to find a friendly dog wagging its tail at your door step every time you open the door, the dog wants to be friends but the human is the problem !

We had the most leisure time at Inn Pondiville before getting ready to head back home, we were wondering if the kids would get bored in a quiet resort like that but when you have kids who love to travel, they seem to find their own way to have fun, just let them bring their favourite toys along, they will manage to create a world of their own wherever they are. All of us did that as kids but seem to have lost it somewhere down the line, places like Inn Pondiville are a good idea to go back to the time when aimlessly whiling away your time was totally acceptable !

A sneak peak of Auroville

On course to hit the highway, we had just enough time to make a quick visit to Auroville. We had no plan of visiting the Matrimandir or a detailed tour of Auroville, so we went to the Visitor’s centre to get a feel of the place. The short walk to the Visitor’s centre is like a preview to peaceful environs of Auroville.


The Visitor’s centre was abuzz with people from different parts of the world, the idea of Auroville was conceived as a model town where people from all walks of life, countries and races lived together promoting a sense of a single community. In our strife ridden world, we need more Aurovilles.

The Visitor’s centre has all the information you need about Auroville, staying at Auroville, what to do, community activities and so on. We were so taken in, we decided in our next trip to Pondicherry, we were going to stay and be a part of the community at Auroville. For now, we did some shopping at one of the stores selling some goodies and trinkets.


And then, it was curtains on our trip to the Chola Nadu, 5 days of celebrating India’s heritage that never ceases to amaze !

The journey back home to Nellore was as smooth as it could get, we avoided the ECR and took the more humble route via Tindivanam. 2 days of cooling the heels at home and we were back in Hyderabad. We geared up for the next part of our vacation. Stay tuned !

Info tidbits

  • One can get all the information about Inn Pondiville at their website We booked our stay through which has some good offers.
  • The resort kitchen opens at around 8 AM, so if you are the kind looking to have something early in the morning or can’t do without your coffee as soon as you wake up, we suggest you keep some munchies handy.
  • There are lot of Bed & Breakfast options in Auroville, though if you are travelling with kids, staying a resort would be a good idea.




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