High on Hyderabad ! Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam

“Pandigai thedhi Sundayil vandha, take it easy policy” (if a festival falls on Sunday, take it easy policy), so goes the most famous song of the 90s ! When important festivals such as Ugadi fall on a Sunday like it happened this year, you lose a public holiday in the calendar but we decided to take it easy and head to Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam, a nature park on the suburbs of Hyderabad.

This quiet park is located on the Hyderabad – Warangal highway, one cannot miss it while driving on the route. We reached the park around 10.30 AM, though the entry timings were mentioned as 11 AM, they allow people earlier too. The park seems to be a good option for early morning walkers in the Ghatkesar area.

At the entrance, this spotted deer, stood welcoming us !


There is a well maintained walkway, green trees and above all, the din of the city is completely shut off once you are inside the park.


The dry trees and heat proved that if it is Ugadi, it is officially summer !

Walking along the pathway, you will find an enclosure for Spotted Deer. The Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam is also a deer park. We saw herds of Spotted Deer huddled under the shade of trees.


Nearby there is a play area for kids.


On a pleasant day, it will be fun for the kids to play around and watch the deer.

Canopy Walk

The main attraction of Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam is the recently opened Canopy Walk. One has to walk into the thickets of the nature park to reach the Canopy Walk.


A flight of iron steps suddenly makes an appearance and you ascend to the top of the branches !


It is a fun but slightly scary experience, you feel safe walking on the solid iron rods but try walking on the fence or may be it’s just this weak hearted writer ! There were moments when the writer wanted to turn back but the thrill of an adventure makes you want to do it till the finish !


We walked holding on to the side railings with a little jitter here and there, imagining what would happen if the fence broke or the rods collapsed !

We were looking around and admiring the beauty of the forest below us, from a good 20 feet above the ground when we spotted a tree snake making its way on the side railings. We stopped in our tracks and watched it glide further away and then disappear into the trees. What do you think we could have done if it came near us? This is not a place where you can run !

The snake made it a complete adventure and when we got down from the canopy walk, after completing the entire stretch, we were already talking about coming back here after the rains when the forest would be greener. Considering how “enthusiastic” our authorities are when it comes to maintaining such nature parks, we do hope the canopy walk remains intact.

We then climbed the View point tower to get a vantage view of the nature park, though it was a sultry day, there was some cool breeze at the top of the tower, we wanted to spread a blanket and sleep ! But before we did anything like that, we decided it was time to leave. We walked around the walkway, which on a pleasant day, would be a refreshing place to take a stroll. Overall, the little trip to Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam was enjoyable.

Outside, we had a fresh sugarcane juice and headed back to the city for Ugadi lunch.

Info tidbits

  • Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam is open from 5-6 AM to 9 AM for regular walkers who have membership. For normal visitors, it is open from 11 AM to 6 PM.
  • There is an entry fee of Rs.20/-.
  • The park has a cycling track also, though you have to bring your own cycles. They do not have cycles for hire.
  • You may not find food options here, bring some water along with you.
  • Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam is a nice place to spend an evening if you want to go on a long drive and relax amidst greenery.





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One thought on “High on Hyderabad ! Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam

  1. V T Badari Narayanan

    Nice pictures. Utterly parched. Would like to see the contrast in rainy season.

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