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Adventures in the Konkan land – VI – Chivala Beach – Waking up to the waves !

Darya Sarang Beach Resort

If you are someone who loves beaches, a stay at Darya Sarang Beach Resort in Malvan is a must do. This resort is located at the edge of the village, right on the shore of the Chivala Beach. When you wake up each morning, the first thing you will see is the sea and hear the roar of the waves. Darya Sarang is your best stay option at Malvan.

The resort looks like a mini Konkani village in itself and takes you back to the rustic environment of a fishing village, starting from the cottages that remind you of the little houses with sloping roofs and coconut trees everywhere, typical of the Konkan villages.

IMG_7868editedStep out of your cottage for a glorious view of the sea from between the trees.


You could sit under trees or lie on  the hammock and stare at the blue sky above and blue waters below, soaking in the bliss of doing nothing !


Darya Sarang is not one of those luxury beach resorts, it is as basic as it can get and gives you a feel of staying in a sea shore village.

The kings of the sea !

We were up by sunrise and took a walk down the beach. Coming from the East coast of India, it was a different feeling for us to be walking by the sea on a morning and not seeing the sun lighting up the sea !

By the time we reached the beach, fishermen were already out for their early morning catch.


Wonder how life is on the other side of the wave?


Some fishermen were returning from their morning duty. You have to admire their skill and hardwork, whatever your profession, small or big, it is all a struggle for survival !


Here is the reward for the hardwork !


Our morning was spent walking around the beach. The Chivala Beach is one of the peaceful beaches we’ve seen and relatively clean too.IMG_7892edited

The sea coast makes a beautiful curve at Chivala. We don’t need to tell you how scenic it is !


Beaches are always fun and a pristine beach like the one at Chivala comes with an added feature of serenity !

Hide and seek backwaters

After spending a relaxing morning at the beach and lazing under the trees, it was time to wind up our Malvan visit and pack off to our next destination. We had a wonderful time at Malvan and would love to go back there again some other time, there still are a lot of places to explore around here.

Just as we were leaving the village, we passed by the backwaters that we spotted the day before. Something looked different this time !


We remembered seeing the water right upto the edge of the road. Then it dawned upon us that the tide was low and so the backwaters had disappeared for while ! Even the mangroves that seemed to be floating on the water, the previous day, now looked rooted to the land !


Funny are the ways of nature !

From the Maharashtra side of the Konkan region, we moved on to the neighbouring state of Karnataka.

Info tidbits

– If you are looking for economical stay at Malvan, Darya Sarang is the best option. The resort has all the basic comforts but does not have the look and feel of the regular resorts, that is the fun part, though.

– We did not try the food here because we had lunch near the Scuba Diving area, skipped dinner and left before breakfast time. From what we heard, it seems to be decent though you wouldn’t have too many options.

– Each cottage costs around Rs.1000/-

– There are other beaches around Malvan like Tarkarli Beach, Devbagh Beach and Tsunami Island. Tarkarli beach is popular for water sports and Dolphin Safari. We were told November-December was the best time to view Dolphins. Tarkarli has an MTDC beach resort. We didn’t visit any of the other places in Malvan.





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