1. Hyderabad to Mallelatheertham
Day trip from Hyderabad – Mallelatheertham

2. Hyderabad – Nizamabad

Day trip from Hyderabad – Nizamabad – Dichpally, Armoor, Nizamabad

3. Hyderabad to Nagarjuna Sagar

Day trip from Hyderabad – Nagarjuna Sagar

4. Hyderabad to Bhadrachalam

2 day trip to Bhadrachalam via Khammam – Bhadrachalam

5. Hyderabad to Warangal

2 days trip to Warangal – Ramappa Temple, WarangalWarangal – 1000 pillar temple, Fort, Lakhnavaram Lake

6. Hyderabad to Kuntala Waterfalls

Day trip from Hyderabad – Pochera & Kuntala Waterfalls, Sriram Sagar

7. Hyderabad to Yacharam

Half day trip from Hyderabad – Himayat Sagar & Yacharam mango shopping

8. Shamirpet

Long drive from Hyderabad – Shamirpet Lake

9. High on Hyderabad – Moula Ali Hill, Hyderabad Botanical Gardens, Khajaguda Trek, Madventure Quad Biking, Venugopala Swamy Temple, Manchirevula, Bhagyanagar Nandanavanam

10. Hyderabad to Alampur

Day trip from Hyderabad – Orvakal Rock formationsPapanasi group of templesSangameshwara TempleNavabrahma Temples

11. Hyderabad to Kaleshwaram

3 days trip from Hyderabad – Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy TempleBhimeswara Swamy TempleSri Lakshmi Narasimhasamy Temple, Nampally GuttaDhulikatta Buddhist StupaGautameswara Temple, ManthaniKaleshwaram, Bhadrakali Temple, Warangal, Khanpur Temples, Bammera

12. Hyderabad to Vijayawada via Suryapet

Day trip from Hyderabad – Babai Hotel, VijayawadaPillalamarri Temples, Suryapet

13. Hyderabad to Anantagiri, Vikarabad

Night stay at Anantagiri resort – Hills and Valley Resort, Anantagiri

14. Hyderabad to Medak

Day trip from Hyderabad – Medak Fort & Church

15. Hyderabad to Chennai highway food options

Highway food joints on Hyderabad-Chennai route

16. Hyderabad to Rachakonda Fort

Day trip from Hyderabad – Rachakonda Fort

17. Hyderabad to Mahbubnagar

Day trip from Hyderabad – Pillalamarri Banyan Tree and Koil Sagar Dam

18. Hyderabad to Bhuvanagiri Fort

Day trip from Hyderabad – Bhuvanagiri Fort, Kolanupaka, Pochampally

19. Hyderabad to Pocharam 

Half day trip from Hyderabad – Pocharam Dam & Wildlife Sanctuary

20. Hyderabad to Uma Maheswaram

Day trip from Hyderabad – Uma Maheswaram temple

21. Hyderabad to Srirangapur

Day trip from Hyderabad – Srirangapur temple

22. Hyderabad to Manjeera Wildlife Sanctuary

Half day trip from Hyderabad – Manjeera Crocodile Sanctuary

23. Hyderabad to Karimnagar

Day trip from Hyderabad – Sabbitham Waterfalls, Elagandal Fort

24. Hyderabad to Wadapally

Day trip from Hyderabad – Meenakshi Agasteswara Temple

25. Hyderabad to Jannaram and Laknavaram

3 days trip from Hyderabad – Jannaram, Laknavaram Lake resort

26. Hyderabad to Zaheerabad, Gottam Gutta Waterfall

Half day trip from Hyderabad – Gottam Gutta Waterfall

27. Singur Dam and Jharasangam

Day trip from Hyderabad – Singur Dam and Ketaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple


11 thoughts on “Telangana

  1. Kamal Rk

    I just want to say thanks for the wonderful effort to keep this website a travel treasure. we follow your travel posts regularly and visit most of the places mentioned here. the way you write about places along with pictures and tidbits of information is really helpful. sometimes we first checkout the places we plan we to visit in HOW first, please keep posting and happy travelling!

    • HOW

      Thank you so much for the encouraging and kind words. We are glad you find our posts useful for your travels. We will keep exploring new places and sharing them. Thank you !

  2. thankful for this interesting blog.

  3. Narayana Chandramouli


    Have any have traveled from Hyderabad to Mantralayam? If so what is the best route? I have checked in google maps and feel Kurnool to be better route, but after Kurnool I am bit confused.

    Thank you.

    • HOW

      We drove from Mantralayam to Hyderabad in 2014, we took the Raichur-Hyderabad route. The route was decent. In the Kurnool route, the road will be great till Kurnool, we have not driven between Kurnool and Mantralayam.

  4. Nice posts.. we are planning from hyderabad to srisailam via yaganti,ahobilam can u suggest more visting tourist places

    • HOW

      Depending on the number of days your trip is likely to be, you can visit Alampur, Belum Caves and Mahanadi also.

  5. Shilpa

    hi..nice blog ! like the info you have given. If you had to do one or two places from Hyderabad for a 2 day trip for someone from Mumbai ..even long drive being fine..what would be not to be missed? Interest would be in some offbeat experiential stay/nature/wildlife etc. Konaseema (pallevelli) /Nagarjunasagar dam area/ pocharam sanctuary medak area/ is what i am thinking ? Any suggestions would be helpful between this or something else.

    • HOW

      Thanks for writing in. We’d suggest the following circuits from Hyderabad:

      1. Srisailam-Nagarjuna Sagar, lovely drive through Srisailam forest, Mallelatheertham waterfalls, Jyothirlinga temple, Srisailam Tiger reserve, Nagarjuna Sagar Buddhist ruins etc, Telangana tourism stay options at Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar.

      2. Ahobilam – Narasimha temples, great trekking options, 5 hours drive from Hyderabad, stay options at Ahobilam.

      3. Bhadrachalam-Maredumilli Eco-tourism, Bhadrachalam temple, Maredumilli forest eco-tourism, scenic drive, stay options at Bhadrachalam and Maredumilli.

      4. Belum Caves-Gandikota – One of the largest caves in India, historical fort, Penna river Gorge called the Grand Canyon of India, 360 kms from Hyderabad, Telangana Tourism resort at Gandikota.

      5. Warangal-Ramappa temple-Lakhnavaram lake – historical temples, stay options at Warangal and Lakhnavaram Lake.

      Considering that we have not had rains this year, most places may be a little dry but these places are good ones for a 2 day trip. You can look for more information on stay options on Telangana or AP tourism websites.

      Hope this helps, feel free to email us at if you need any other infomation. Happy travelling !

  6. Shalini Ranga

    I am not sure .. where do i write this … but your write ups are so refreshing that everything you write wants me to go there …. Awesome !!!

    • HOW

      Thank you very much, we value our readers comments more than anything !

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